My favorite tv show is coming back on for its 3rd season this fall. American Horror Story: Coven. I’m super excited for this because during the middle of the second season they had rumors going around that it was supposed to be vampires, I was happy but not that happy. Then they had a hidden clue in the 10th episode referring to a coven. After the season ended there was talks about witches and voodoo, that’s when I got really hype! WITCHES AND VOODOO and it was going to be shot in the city notorious for its evil tendencies, New Orleans. I had to do more research. I googled till I couldn’t google no more. New, amazing cast members such as the ever amazing Angela Bassett playing Marie Laveau, queen of voodoo in Nola who goes head to head with Jessica Lange as Fiona, a rumored boss ass witch. Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe & of course the always amazing Taissa Farmiga and the bae Evan Peters. This season will be amaze-balls. The first episode is titled “BitchCraft”, like how am I the only one going crazy off of this!?!? Everything great is happening in October, shout out to all the OVO babies out there! This end of the year is treating me right! Hollaaaaa :)

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tagged as: American Horror Story. American Horror Story: Coven. fav show. Jessica Lange. Evan Peters. the bae. Taissa Farmiga. Angela Bassett. Emma Roberts. Gabourey Sidibe. OVO. october is going to be great. YASSSSS.

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